Where to start

Start by reading.  There are a ton of great books out.

And web sites too.  You will want to create an account on FetLife.  You might want to check out some of these articles over at Kink Weekly:

Are you wondering… Am I dominant? It’s ok to be dominant.  An excellent article by Licensed Marriage and Family therapist Jenn Masri.

Similarly, for those who wonder… Am I submissive? It’s ok to be submissive explores some myths and misconceptions about what it means to be submissive.

If you are brand new to the scene, check out BDSM for beginners which will help point you in the right direction (hint, it probably starts with reading some more articles).

If you are interested in finding out about one of the original masters of bondage photography, read this interview with Ken Marcus and find out how he got started doing BDSM work.

Sometimes, BDSM involves punishment.  If a slave or submissive deliberately disobeys or defies their master, then there must be a consequence.  Find out all about BDSM punishment and the mutual benefits it can bring.

Interested in some practical tips?  One of the hottest (pun intended) scenes you can enjoy is wax plan.  This guide will step you through the basics of BDSM wax play.

Once you start to explore the BDSM community, you will no doubt start to make some kinky friends.  FetLife is like Facebook for kinky people.  This article helps explain how to use FetLife, with some great tips on etiquette.

You may start to run into some well known kinky people before too long.  One well-known dominatrix is Mistress Hudsy Hawn.  Read the interview with her to find out all about her.

If you are going to do BDSM play, it’s all very well to do a great scene.  But when it’s all said and done, Doms (and subs!) need to provide aftercare to each other.  Read all about BDSM aftercare here.

Sometimes, reading a hot BDSM story is even more fun than watching porn.  The imagination is an incredible thing.  Get your fix with this BDSM erotica story.

That should be a good starting point.  More reading suggestions to come.





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