The art of buying kinky toys

When it comes to buying toys for your kinky fun times, some strategy is required.  With the explosion of interest in BDSM in the past few years, every man and his dog is looking to cash in.  Cue the proliferation of internet retailers looking to make a quick buck selling cheap imported stuff.

Take some time to find quality gear.  There are a number of specialist producers – often small, dedicated shops – who craft high quality products.  Kink weekly has a guide to buying the best BDSM gear, which is worth checking out.  It looks like they still have a number of categories to add, but so far it includes:

-Reviews of the best places to buy bondage cuffs for BDSM play

-A handy run down of quality sites where you can buy bdsm slave collar for your submissive

-A comparison of manufacturers of from whom you can buy shibari bondage rope

What’s great is that they seem to have actually purchased each of these products and tested them themselves.  So you can save yourself time and money from buying low quality junk, and go straight to the best products.

Happy shopping, kinksters!