Review: Lovely Fate BDSM party, Los Angeles

We were in Los Angeles recently, and managed to get an invite to one of the new Lovely Fate events through a friend.

For those who haven’t heard of them, Lovely Fate was put together by a group of kinky friends in LA who wanted to create the kind of kink event that they always wished had existed when they started playing in the public BDSM scene.

It’s a play party, but also so much more.  For a start, the events are visually stunning, with a lot of effort going into making the event spaces look beautiful.  The people attending really stood out to me as night and day from every other BDSM event I’ve been to.  I don’t know how they do it, but they seem to have found a group of fun, friendly and generally fairly attractive people who are all super kinky but also super welcoming.

Add in to the mix some interactive theatrical BDSM scenes, great music, and a couple of little surprises at each event, and it’s a recipe for a great night out.  I brought my toy bag and did a really fun scene, but it’s easy to imagine have a great time without playing too.  The tickets are more expensive than your average dungeon play party, but absolutely worth it.  I would rather go to one of these events each month and have an amazing time, than go to a few more average kink parties and only have an ok time.

Definitely worth checking out.  Find details on how to attend at